Old Collection Acquisitions

Stephane Brosset acquired pieces from the collection of Rhodia Mann. The Mann family came to Africa in 1941 from Poland because of the War. The family traveled around Central and Eastern Africa for animal and human settlement research. We have acquired the collection from this family.



















Another old collection we have acquired from is the Lee family.

The picture on the left is the grandfather who came to Africa in 1915 because of the First World War.

The picture on the right is the father of John Lee at the front of the Nairobi National Park in 1960.

Now we have been acquiring items from John Lee the son who also spent his entire life in Africa.



The last collection we can provide more information on is the Wichmann family. A German family that came to East Africa in 1953.

The picture is of Rolf Wichmann standing with a group of Samburu warriors. He worked for the UN and traveled in the Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, and Sudan extensively – collecting artifacts as a hobby along the way.

Rolf still lives Africa today.

55001WICHrolf letter


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