Guarantee & Policy


From this site you can have your choice of African antiques coming from undiscovered old private collections, either in ex-colonial and expatriate families still living in Africa. If you do not see something on our site that you are looking for, especially East African items, ask us by email and we may be able to find it for you.

We make an honest effort to give our customers great value for their money. We believe we offer the best prices available based upon the current tribal art market. If you have any doubt, when inquiring about a specific item, ask us for our reasons, as we will be glad to explain why purchasing from African Ethno is always an excellent investment.

Please take a look through this section, as knowing African Ethno have policies in place to protect you will give you confidence in your decision to deal with us. Whether payment protection using Paypal, or our 2-week return policy, we want to ensure you are happy in your dealings with African Ethno.



The definition most usually accepted, and one we hold to at African Ethno, is that a piece is authentic if it was created by someone within the tribe for use within the tribe, never for lucrative means. Therefore, any items we sell must have been obviously created and thoroughly used within a primitive African tribe. Except in extremely rare circumstances, authentic tribal art was never created with consideration for monetary worth.

All our items in our gallery are of old age. We strongly believe and emphasize the importance of old age,  in wood, carving style, and patina, in our collection.

We do our very best to carefully ensure each piece we offer meets authenticity standards on every level.

You are entitled to your money back if the piece you purchased does not meet these standards within the time span of our Return Policy, that is our guarantee!



We are very clear and honest about what we are selling. Any repairs or damage to a piece is always mentioned in the item description.

Any repairs and damage is also shown clearly in the pictures. All pictures are taken using either direct sunlight or artificial sunlight lamps in our photography studio so that you can see all details clearly, with accurate colors and proportions. Feel free to ask us for more photographs before purchase, even if you wish to see the piece in a different light.

What you see and read is what you will get, that is our guarantee!



You can purchase items by email, phone, or through our website. The majority of items featured will not have a displayed price, as it is available at request. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the price or simply for more information on the piece that interests you. (At a later date preferred customers will have access to all price listings).

If you want to order an item by phone please call us during the daytime hours of Kenya, or 8AM to 8PM. As telephone service in Kenya on rare occasion can be unreliable, please inform us by email if you have any difficulties reaching us by phone.

We have several methods of payment available for your convenience:

  • Credit Card Option –  You can purchase the item with your credit card through our website. This is currently a PayPal service, which ensures customer and seller protection in transactions (For more information see For artifacts with price on request a custom page with price listed will be sent by email once you have agreed to buy the item.
  • PayPal Option – If you already have a PayPal account, we can deal directly through PayPal using their website.
  • Bank Wire Transfer – We offer you the option to wire money to a bank account provided, which is the preferable option for us on items over 1,000 US Dollars.
  • Checks – We also offer the option to mail a personal check to us, which will process the order once the check has cleared.

Cancellation of orders must happen before shipping has taken place. If cancellation happens after shipping to you has occurred, you will be refunded minus the shipping costs once we have the item returned. Cancellation will be treated as a returned item once the item has been delivered to you.



Once the purchase has been processed, your item will be shipped to the address provided within 1-3 business days. Delivery time depends on size of the item and your location, though this is usually never more than 2 weeks. We do our best to ensure the item is packaged safely.

We ship through both DHL and FedEx, reliable companies that operate worldwide. Before shipping, you will be informed of the shipping company and expected date of arrival. After shipping, you will be given the tracking number so you can see the progress and when to expect the delivery.

If items are damaged in shipping please contact us immediately upon delivery so that we can 1) Have the item repaired to your satisfaction, and/or 2) Provide you with a adequate discount on the item, and/or 3) Proceed with an insurance claim with the shipping provider, and/or 4) Have the item shipped back to Jones & Key AfricAntiques. If you fail to notify us upon arrival of the item you will subsequently accept responsibility for the damage and forfeit our ability to take any action.



We accept returns. If you are not satisfied with the piece upon arrival please contact us as soon as possible so return can be arranged.

Upon return of the item you will be refunded your full amount, and depending on reasons, possibly minus shipping costs. On all items there is a policy of 14 days return guarantee within the date of delivery. Requests for return after the 14 day period may be denied or if accepted may face a restocking fee. In the case of returning an item, you are required to include the original packaging materials and submit a receipt of shipping for cost and delivery verification.



African Ethno are available for consultation and assistance to collectors, institutions, and even to casual enthusiasts.



Please check our testimonials section. Our clients are pleased with our tribal art and our service, and often chose to continue business with African Ethno.

You are welcome to visit us at any time in Nairobi. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make ourselves available and plan accordingly.