To the New Collectors

This section is written for new collectors of African tribal art.

The idea for this section came years ago when we wished someone had given us a satisfactory introduction and the resources to feed our desire to learn.

We hope this section will give you some direction and will be the ultimate help as you build your collection and deal with Jones & Key.

Website Resources

We have resources on our website that will be useful to you now and however far you travel into the African art world, whether this happens over months or the next sixty years.

Knowledge is crucial for any collector, and the more you know the better your ability to build a great collection.

These resources are the News & Blog section, the Books and Magazines sections, the Museums section, and the Fairs & Auction Houses section. I will briefly explain each of these resources below, telling why and how to use them.

The News will keep you updated on current events in the tribal art world, and is a good resource to stay fresh on news in the African art world you may not be aware of otherwise. Reading Blogs will give you a perspective on African art and the trade around it that you will find no where else. Regularly it is updated by us and guest writers in the trade.

Reading both new and old posts will refine and add depth to your outlook on African art, increase your interest in the art, and may even affect your involvement. Also, by reading this section you may become aware of certain injustices in the African art world and how you can play an active part for good with Jones and Key.

The Books section will inform you what is available about African art and where you can find them so that you may add them to your own library. We prefer ordering books online, whether through or some selected dealers.

The Museums section will help you make sure you do not miss an opportunity to visit one of the many museums which feature the world’s greatest collections of African art.

The Fairs & Auction Houses section will direct you to the websites to see the upcoming fairs and sales at auction houses.

Hopefully all these resources will be of assistance to you for years to come.

Who Are Jones and Key?

Please check the About Us section to read more about us.

Something not said there that you should know is how we differentiate ourselves from others in the African art trade. We differentiate ourselves in our proximity and interaction to the source of the African tribal art.

Some of the biggest dealers in cities around the world and even online have never even visited the continent of Africa.

We also differentiate ourselves in our passion to educate and improve appreciation in Africa and use the art to the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves.

By following us closely you will get a glimpse of the modern Africa as the birthplace of art and how to be a responsible and educated collector.

Some Things to Remember and Make Note of…

As mentioned earlier increasing your knowledge is to your great advantage. Your knowledge will help define the quality of your collection and help you avoid the many who may wish to use your ignorance to their financial advantage.

Begin by enjoying one of the many wonderful books on the art, visit a museums or one of the many shows put on around the world, browse what is available online and even skim through past auctions. Galleries and collectors are scattered wherever you find yourself and will be most helpful to you.

Next, begin to buy tribal art and see how your taste develops and your appreciation for tribal art grows. Jones & Key can be of the biggest help in this way, and do not be afraid to email us and start a conversation.

Another way to learn and stay active is to join the two African art forums on Yahoo Groups, one created by David Norden and the other by Rand Smith, both online dealers of African art. You can get information and opinions on pieces of interest using these two groups.

And here are a few last tips.

Proceed with caution in building your collection and use the resources and advice we have provided you will certainly avoid making any mistakes, whether this may be in buying a fake or overpaying for an item.

Just like in any business transaction, deal with collectors that have a reputation for dealing with integrity. Just as you may put yourselves into the shoes of the creator to verify authenticity, to help see the trade from the perspective of a seller you can try to sell your pieces.

The more rare and desirable an item the wiser the investment, so buy the best to your ability.

And finally, enjoy yourself!



Please contact us if there is any further guidance we can provide.


Jones and Key